How We Make Our Oligo Synthesis Products Accessible & Cost-Effective For All!

In the dynamic landscape of laboratory oligo synthesis research and production, accessibility and cost-effectiveness are paramount concerns for organizations, whether they are small research labs or full-scale oligo production facilities. At Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc., we understand the diverse needs of our customers and strive to offer tailored DNA/RNA oligo solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations while ensuring affordability and flexibility.

Cost Saving Opportunities:

These promotions may encompass academic discounts, special pricing for certain product lines, or exclusive offers for loyal customers. By periodically providing cost-saving opportunities, we aim to make cutting-edge oligo synthesis laboratory technology more accessible to a broader audience, regardless of budget constraints.

A Diverse Product Line for Any Use Case:

Our Dr. Oligo product line is designed to meet the needs of all research labs, from small academic labs to full-scale oligo synthesis production facilities.

  1. Low Throughput (Dr. Oligo 12):
    • The low throughput Dr. Oligo 12 excels in managing smaller oligo batch sizes, rendering it well-suited for preliminary experiments or endeavors with limited oligo production yields.
  2. Medium Throughput (Dr. Oligo 48):
    • The Dr. Oligo 48 synthesizer is well-suited for labs conducting medium-scale oligo synthesis projects or requiring medium production volumes while maintaining more reagent capabilities.
  3. High Throughput (Dr. Oligo 192XLc):
    • The Dr. Oligo 192XLc synthesizer, designed for both R&D and high-throughput production facilities, offers versatility by accommodating synthesis plates or individual columns, making it the most adaptable high-throughput DNA/RNA oligo synthesizer yet, boasting high throughput capabilities to cater to laboratories engaged in substantial oligo synthesis yields.
  4. Ultra-High Throughput (Dr. Oligo 768XLc):
    • The Dr. Oligo 768XLc synthesizer, designed for full-scale oligo production facilities, represents the pinnacle of high-volume synthesis with ultra-high throughput capabilities, enabling labs to achieve maximum output while maintaining precise control over synthesis parameters and meeting rigorous demands with unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and reliability.

Each Dr. Oligo synthesizer is meticulously engineered to address specific throughput requirements, empowering laboratories to exactly optimize their oligo synthesis processes and production yields.

Customizable Solutions:

We offer custom-built instruments and synthesis consumables tailored to specific needs, working closely with clients to deliver solutions that exceed expectations and drive progress in oligo synthesis research. Our professional team specializes in creating custom solutions for your specific synthesis production needs, ready to assist with any issues you may encounter ensuring your oligo synthesis processes runs smoothly and efficiently.

Driving Progress Through Accessible Oligo Synthesis Tools for All:

At Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc., we are committed to making laboratory instrumentation more cost-effective and accessible to a wide range of customers. Through flexible pricing models, promotions, and tailored oligo synthesis solutions, we empower our clients to unlock the full potential of their synthesis research and oligo production efforts without breaking the bank. With a relentless focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we continue to set new standards of excellence in oligo synthesis laboratory technology.

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