Biolytic Introduces the New Dr. Oligo 48 DNA RNA Synthesizer – Synthesize with 42 Reagents, Up to 5 umol Scale

FREMONT, California Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc. is thrilled to introduce the new Dr. Oligo 48, their latest innovation in Medium Throughput Oligo Synthesis. The new Dr. Oligo 48 is now more capable than ever. It has been optimized to support a record high of up to 42 total reagents, making it the most flexible Dr. Oligo yet. To accompany these upgrades, the Dr. Oligo 48 can now automatically optimize chemistry steps for backbone modifications, allowing for the inclusion of more non-standard bases and molecule modifications into many applications.

Such applications include gene synthesis, genetic diagnostic test kits, PCR/RT – PCR, siRNA,/RNAi, miRNA, CRISPR Cas9, anti-sense treatments and DNA/RNA sequencing – to broader areas like evolutionary history, forensics, immunotherapy, diagnostic and therapeutic research – to high-throughput screening, modified oligos, mixed backbones, LNAs and the visual detection of virus RNA such as COVID-19 following RT-LAMP amplification with DNA primers.

Biolytic founder and CEO, Tom Demmitt, was proud to share that users can simply “program the instrument, push the button, and let it do the work.”

Demmitt stated that these enhancements “allow for the inclusion of more non-standard oligos, accommodating many Biopharmaceutical customers who develop diagnostic and therapeutic tools,” as this industry works primarily with non-standard bases. He followed up with, “The need for modifying oligos in these cases has introduced complexities into regular synthesis, which is what we wanted to address with the new Dr. Oligo 48.”

Ready to Run

The Dr. Oligo 48 includes fully tested protocols and initial synthesis media from 5 nmol to 5 umol per column for turn-key synthesis beginnings.

Configured Your Way

The Dr. Oligo 48 offers highly customizable reagent configurations for your laboratory needs. Configure the instrument your way with options ranging from double amidite dispensing, to a 14 reagent add-on for an impressive total of 42 possible reagents.

Speed & Efficiency

The new Dr. Oligo 48 comes installed with custom Biolytic dispensing valves, designed with smaller volume, reduced waste, and faster consistent response time to streamline your oligo synthesis process. The delivery algorithm has been improved to dispense reagents quickly and accurately into columns, making oligo synthesis fast and efficient for use in both R&D and small-scale production.


  • Up to 42 total reagents (4 base amidites, 6 standard reagents, up to 32 specials or other types of reagents such as backbone modifiers, alternate activator, deblock and washes)
  • Fully customizable reagent configuration
  • Base Character Drive Chemistry cycles
  • Multiple characters per base (use nice names in your sequence to define specials)
  • Capability to map amidites on the fly
  • Reagent Volume Tracking
  • Security & Encryption
  • Hardware Monitoring System
  • Custom Biolytic developed Software and Hardware
  • Custom Biolytic dispensing valves
  • Driverless Biolytic Boards (32 outputs and 8 inputs)

About Biolytic 

Founded in 1993, Biolytic® Lab Performance, Inc. designs and manufactures the most advanced oligo synthesizers and related lab accessories in the world. Alongside more than 25 years of experience in end-to-end synthesis processes and equipment coupled with their extensive knowledge and customer support has allowed Biolytic to continuously lead the oligo synthesis industry.


James Demmitt, Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc.
Senior Vice President of Marketing
+1 510-795-1142

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