Biolytic introduces the fastest, most efficient high throughput 384 well plate oligo synthesizer, the Dr. Oligo 768XLc 

Synthesizing 768 oligos just got faster with Dr. Oligo 768XLc   

The Dr. Oligo 768XLc high throughput oligo synthesizer is Biolyticʻs fastest synthesizer yet


FREMONT, California –  Biolytic Lab Performance Inc. unveiled its novel oligo synthesizer, the Dr. Oligo 768XLc, the most commercially advanced platform for high throughput nucleic acid synthesis. Designed to be operated in both R&D and production facilities, it fits the needs of organizations focused on diagnostic and therapeutic applications for various viruses, diseases and conditions where large quantities of unique DNA and RNA are critical to their products, services and ongoing research.

Biolytic CEO and founder, Tom Demmitt, shared that the inspiration behind the Dr. Oligo 768XLc was to “accommodate industries innovating in diagnostic and therapeutic spaces and requiring state of the art oligos modified with non-standard bases.”   Tom is confident that their new instrument will help Biolytic “play a crucial role in individualized medicine and immunotherapy worldwide.”

Ready to Run

The Dr. Oligo 768XLc includes fully tested protocols and initial 384-well synthesis media from 2 to 100 nmol per well for turn-key synthesis beginnings. Available with optional trityl collection, oligo desalting and elution capabilities.

Efficient Reactions

Biolytic’s novel patent pending system results is the highest possible chemical reaction efficiency using the minimum amount of reagents across our entire line of Dr. Oligo XLc instruments. Our system overcomes chem犀利士 istry over consumption and reaction inconsistencies that are a result of well to well flow rate variability and other issues typical in high throughput synthesis media.


  1. Extremely Efficient Mixing of all reagents dispensed into each well using our patent pending system. The entire volume of reagent delivered to each reaction well is thoroughly mixed with the synthesis media resulting in optimal use of all reagent delivered.
  2. Deliver only the volume of each reagent needed to obtain the optimal molar excess for achieving near 100% reaction efficiency.
  3. A simplified design and layout resulting in easier operation and maintenance thus lowering operational costs.
  4. Innovative hardware designs result in efficiencies never before achieved in high throughput oligo synthesis. This translates to lowering cost of synthesis by conserving very costly unique bases / specials when synthesizing innovative, unique oligos.
  5. A new, patent pending nozzle system dispenses 16 nozzles simultaneously and eliminates complexities of previously available designs. This results in reduces maintenance and operating cost as well as contributing to faster synthesis time.
  6. Powerful Production Software providing the ability to efficiently synthesize complex molecules in high throughput while reducing consumption of costly modified nucleotide building blocks.

About Biolytic

Founded in 1993, Biolytic® Lab Performance, Inc. designs and manufactures the most advanced oligo synthesizers and related lab accessories in the world. Alongside more than 25 years of experience in end-to-end synthesis processes and equipment coupled with their extensive knowledge and customer support has allowed Biolytic to continuously lead the oligo synthesis industry.

Customers all over the world use oligos produced by Biolytic Dr. Oligo synthesizers for their own unique purposes. From applications like gene synthesis, genetic diagnostic test kits, PCR/RT – PCR, siRNA,/RNAi, miRNA, CRISPR Cas9, anti-sense treatments and DNA/RNA sequencing – to broader areas like evolutionary history, forensics, immunotherapy, diagnostic and therapeutic research – to high-throughput screening, modified oligos, mixed backbones, LNAs and the visual detection of virus RNA such as COVID-19 following RT-LAMP amplification with DNA primers – the variety is tremendous. The Dr. Oligo line has evolved alongside cutting-edge discoveries. Biolytic anticipates that the 768XLc will take its place to play a significant role in modern science.

Media Contact: Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc. – (510) 795-1142 – James Demmitt – media [at] biolytic [dot] com

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