Manufacturing Day at Biolytic Proves Successful

Manufacturing Day at Biolytic Proves Successful

On October 4th, Biolytic opened its doors to students, educators, professionals and the curious to get an in-depth tour of our facility and processes. The event began with a presentation by Biolytic’s President, Tom Demmitt, which covered our history and products starting with the founding of the company in 1993 to world renown products and services such as the Dr. Oligo synthesizer, Dr. Oligo Processor, Biolytic 3900 (ABI 3900 upgrade), Heated Pressure Chamber and consumables like racks and molecular traps (trap packs). Tom discussed the evolution of the products and how important manufacturing has been to the process.Biolytic’s Director of Operations, James Demmitt犀利士 , led the facility tour discussing R&D, warehouse and machine shop operations giving a closer look at all the cogs that make Biolytic work.

Biolytic® Lab Performance, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells the most advanced Oligonucleotide / DNA synthesizers in the world. Jim goes on to explain maintaining a balance of unsurpassed focus on delivering worldwide first class customer service while constantly rising to new heights. Biolytic continues to provide superior quality, innovative products and esteemed services that push the limits of research and technology. It is this company culture that proves our customers loyal and satisfied.Jeff Demmit, Manufacturing Supervisor, welcomed the tour into the manufacturing building with a brief overview of operations covering new and rebuilt instruments for synthesizing Oligonucleotide / DNA / RNA / siRNA molecules. Every manufacturing engineer was introduced to the attendees and gave their work and education background. The event concluded with a mixer full of great conversation, refreshments and a Biolytic giveaway. Attendees were able to casually converse with each other and with all of Biolytic

Employees.Manufacturing day is a great way to expand knowledge and improve public perception of manufacturing. We are so happy to have been a part of this movement. Thank you to all who came and participated! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

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