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Fremont, CA — June 26, 2013 — Biolytic Lab Performance Inc. is bringing new life to the ABI 3900 with the new patent pending Biolytic 3900. The Biolytic 3900 is packed with features and will come complete with new software and hardware allowing it to run on the latest Windows operating system. Included in the upgrade are state of the art valve and motion control systems. The Biolytic 3900 upgrade offers the ability to completely removereverse flow cross contamination thereby reducing error rates in gene construction, allowing the use of up to 10 special amidites and the ability to simultaneously use 2 different oxidizer reagents. The new Biolytic 3900 has increased efficiency of the ABI 3900 by allowing finer control of reagent flow rate through the columns resulting in efficient diffusion of the reagents at the reaction site and lower reagent consumption. The chamber volume has been lowered, reducing gas consumption and increasing efficiency. A new chamber flood damage control system has been implemented which redirects chamber flood reagents to waste instead of leaking them internally. The new software is built for Windows 7 and 8 and features flexible protocol construction similar to the world renowned Dr. Oligo Synthesizer. The software supports truly independent protocol operation on each bank of 12 oligos while providing the user with real-time feedback during each synthesis run.

The ABI 3900 Oligo Synthesizer has become very popular for synthesis of standard and special oligos. ABI has not supported this product for several years even though there are many instruments in service to this day. The ABI 3900 instrument and software have remained fundamentally unchanged since its release. The 3900 continues to maintain great potential to serve our customers’ needs.

The Biolytic 3900 upgrade is available on the following models: ABI 3900, Northwest 3900, Geneforge 48 and the Mermade 48. As with all Biolytic parts, accessories and instruments, customizations of hardware and software are available upon request.

The Biolytic 3900 upgrade is designed and manufactured in the United States. Patent Pending.

Pricing & Availability

The Biolytic 3900 upgrade will be available June 28, 2013. Please contact us for pricing.

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