Monday, 3 December 2018

Biolytic introduces the Dr. Oligo 192c – their latest and most advanced synthesizer at a lower price


Fremont, California – December 3, 2018 – Biolytic Lab Performance Inc. is proud to announce their latest high throughput oligo synthesizer, the Dr. Oligo 192c, built on Biolytic’s Molecule Synthesis Platform. 

Now restructured with all the same principles and key design aspects that have allowed them to become the world’s fastest in oligonucleotide synthesis, the 192c incorporates a multitude of enhancements to new and existing Biolytic features.  

As the demand for highly parallel synthesis of standard and modified oligos has expanded – many labs needing 20 to 30 instruments just to keep up – Biolytic continuously designs instruments to accommodate the growing market. The 192c is no exception. It synthesizes up to 192 high quality oligos in one run, and is fast, secure and compact. This new instrument was built for operation in research and production facilities. 

After evaluating needs in the market, the company’s Founder and President, Tom Demmitt, says there were two main objectives behind the creation of the Dr. Oligo 192c. First, “it was time to redesign our original instrument to incorporate all of the enhancements we added to the basic design over the years,” and second, “cost reduction.” The 192c is Biolytic’s most affordable synthesizer. It came to life through innovative ideas of quality improvement and upgraded features, but most importantly, cost-efficiency. This has allowed them to provide all the key functions of their previous design – along with improved user experience, increased efficiency and outstanding reliability – all at a reduced price for their customers. “Reducing capital equipment costs cuts down expenses and allows labs to expand faster, which many of our customers are looking to do,” says Demmitt. 

Another highlight of the 192c is a revamped reagent delivery system. It was designed with modern control boards and software, along with a more efficient layout and smaller valves to eliminate unnecessary waste. Demmitt shared, “these adjustments have allowed us to make accurate and consistent dispensing volumes down to 2ul.” 


Dr. Oligo 192c Features: 

1. 40%* reduction in total volume, taking up a fraction of the space in your lab

2. Flexibility with up to 10 reagents (4 standard amidites and 6 special amidites)

3. Secure Bottle Containment System

  • – Bottles isolated behind a transparent door to ensure safety of the instrument and its operators 
  • – Sealed catch tray leads directly to waste 

4. Built on Biolytic’s Molecule Synthesis Platform

  • – Open protocols 
  • – Consistent delivery of reagents
  • – Hardware monitoring system
  • – Secure and encrypted 
  • – Open and driverless hardware support 

5. Driverless Biolytic Control Boards

  • – Antistatic and shockproof design 
  • – On-board timing 
  • – Valve short & valve flood protection 
  • – Real-time valve monitoring 

6. Industry leading design for simple maintenance

7. Side-by-side slider plate windows for improved visibility of reaction plates

8. Biolytic Certified Instrument Training

*Excludes slider plate


About Biolytic

Biolytic® Lab Performance, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells the most advanced oligo synthesizers in the world. Founded in 1993 by four of the leading experts in the biotech instrument service industry, Biolytic continues to provide superior quality, innovative products and esteemed services that push the limits of research and technology.

Customers all over the world use nucleic acids produced by our Dr. Oligo synthesizers for their own unique purposes. From applications like oligonucleotide and gene synthesis, genetic test kits, PCR/RT-PCR, siRNA/RNAi, miRNA, CRISPR Cas9, and DNA/RNA sequencing – to broader areas like evolutionary history, forensics, immunotherapy, diagnostic and therapeutic research – to high-throughput screening, natural product biosynthesis, reverse transcription PCP, hybridization, and SNPS – the variety is tremendous. Recently some have even endeavored into using nucleic acids as computer information storage devices, storing animated videos in DNA. The Dr. Oligo line has evolved alongside these cutting-edge discoveries, and it will continue to play a significant role in modern science with the Dr. Oligo 192c.


Media Contact: Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc. – (510) 795-1142 –

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Introducing the Dr. Oligo 48 from Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc.


Fremont, CA — March 23rd, 2015 — Biolytic Lab Performance Inc. is proud to announce the Dr. Oligo 48, a brand new 48 column rotor synthesizer that dramatically improves performance: quality, speed and cost.


Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc. has officially obtained a worldwide exclusive license to use the technology in the ABI 3900 synthesizer. We have taken this technology and blended it with our own brand of innovation and modern accessibility. The Dr. Oligo 48 boasts superior hardware functionality ensuring an efficient synthesis. It also comes complete with re-imagined software that gives users agile control at their fingertips.


For your convenience, an updated lid with a pneumatic clamping system seals the chamber replacing the outdated screw knobs. Innovative features include four drain stations to increase speed, slow drain system for fine control over reagents and optional bottle and bottle cap configurations to name a few. (more…)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Biolytic launches the Dr. Oligo Synthesizer platform: the world’s fastest and most efficient high throughput DNA, RNA, Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

Dr. Oligo Synthesizer


Fremont, CA — April 2, 2014 — Biolytic Lab Performance Inc. is proud to announce the Dr. Oligo Synthesizer platform. With the unprecedented capability to complete a single run of 768 oligos in 4 hours*, the Dr. Oligo Synthesizer offers the fastest and most efficient high throughput DNA, RNA, oligonucleotide synthesis in the world**.

“As Biotechnology has developed over the years Biolytic has played a significant role in advancing the automation of oligo synthesis. Our main approach has been a focus on innovations which utilize lower quantities of reagent while maintaining a standard for producing high quality oligos,” said Tom Demmitt, President and Founder of Biolytic Lab Performance Inc. “We are proud to present the Dr. Oligo Synthesizer platform which continues on that tradition and we hope this will contribute significantly to lowering the cost of gene synthesis worldwide.” (more…)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Biolytic upgrades the ABI 3900


Fremont, CA — June 26, 2013 — Biolytic Lab Performance Inc. is bringing new life to the ABI 3900 with the new patent pending Biolytic 3900. The Biolytic 3900 is packed with features and will come complete with new software and hardware allowing it to run on the latest Windows operating system. Included in the upgrade are state of the art valve and motion control systems. (more…)