So they want to send a DNA sequencing instrument to the surface of Mars.

Two groups seem to be on a race to get there first and I think there is nothing wrong with a little bit of health competition. Given that the previous methods of sample testing have always been brought back to earth, this project would solve a lot of problems that came with that.

Once samples were removed from their environment they become compromised. Since sample reading will be beamed back to Earth this saves a tremendous amount of money on return missions not to mention on the logistics. This instrument lets the samples stay in their atmosphere while not being handled by any biological alien properties removing all previous contamination issues. I think it might be an assumption to believe that all lifeforms have the same biological makeup. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we found an alternative to DNA or a super strand DNA. If, however, we do find DNA then I think it is safe to assume that life on Planet Mars and life on Planet Earth come from the same origin.

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