Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Biolytic launches the Dr. Oligo Synthesizer platform: the world’s fastest and most efficient high throughput DNA, RNA, Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

Dr. Oligo Synthesizer


Fremont, CA — April 2, 2014 — Biolytic Lab Performance Inc. is proud to announce the Dr. Oligo Synthesizer platform. With the unprecedented capability to complete a single run of 768 oligos in 4 hours*, the Dr. Oligo Synthesizer offers the fastest and most efficient high throughput DNA, RNA, oligonucleotide synthesis in the world**.

“As Biotechnology has developed over the years Biolytic has played a significant role in advancing the automation of oligo synthesis. Our main approach has been a focus on innovations which utilize lower quantities of reagent while maintaining a standard for producing high quality oligos,” said Tom Demmitt, President and Founder of Biolytic Lab Performance Inc. “We are proud to present the Dr. Oligo Synthesizer platform which continues on that tradition and we hope this will contribute significantly to lowering the cost of gene synthesis worldwide.” (more…)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Biolytic upgrades the ABI 3900


Fremont, CA — June 26, 2013 — Biolytic Lab Performance Inc. is bringing new life to the ABI 3900 with the new patent pending Biolytic 3900. The Biolytic 3900 is packed with features and will come complete with new software and hardware allowing it to run on the latest Windows operating system. Included in the upgrade are state of the art valve and motion control systems. (more…)